• Virginia Car Insurance Requirements

    Car Insurance Laws in Virginia

    Anything can happen when you are on the road. No matter how careful you are, you can still be involved in a minor collision or even a major accident. These will entail substantial costs for repairs and medical bills — unexpected expenses that can be financially crippling to those who are not ready. Vehicle insurance was conceived as a way to protect motorists from such incidents. It has become obligatory for anyone who wishes to operate a car in most states including Virginia. It would be best to follow the law and acquire a suitable policy to be able to drive with confidence around town. Just be sure to pick up a plan that adheres to Virginia car insurance requirements.

    UM/UIM Coverage for Negligent Drivers

    The most essential part of automobile insurance is liability coverage — that is, in case of an accident, the guilty party’s insurance will take care of the victim’s related expenses. However, there are states which impose extras to guard people’s welfare in certain critical situations. One of them is called the uninsured or underinsured motorist coverage and it becomes really handy when the cause of an accident is a negligent driver who never even bothered to put his basic liability insurance in order. It is also useful during times when the guilty party does have insurance but it proves inadequate for the resulting expenses. Virginia lawmakers have made this additional protection a requirement for all drivers in the state.

    No-Fault and PIP in Virginia

    Liability insurance works on the principle that every accident has a guilty party and that will bear the burden of supporting the victim financially. As real life is often more complicated than this, there will be times when it is near impossible to assign guilt and this makes it difficult to make funds available for the ensuing repairs and hospitalization. This is why the “no-fault” insurance concept was created with a few states requiring its drivers to acquire personal injury protection coverage in the rare instance that it would be needed. Virginia does not see this as a dire necessity, though, so motorists here have PIP as a mere option.

    Hands-Free Laws in Virginia

    Phones are ubiquitous in today’s world. We use them almost every waking hour of every day for anything from calling to texting to gaming to online surfing. They are no doubt extremely useful but they can be very dangerous as well as they diminish our attention on the road. Plenty have died needlessly because they were trying to communicate to others while driving. In Virginia, phone use has been strictly limited in the following manner:

    Hand-held Ban No
    Young drivers all cellphone ban Only for those under 18 years of age
    Bus drivers all cellphone ban Only for school bus drivers
    Texting ban All motorists
    Enforcement Primary; Secondary for young drivers (<18)

    Insurance laws can be complicated. They are certainly varied and can be confusing for people who have just recently moved from one state to the other. Fortunately, there are multiple online resources out there to help motorists put everything in order and abide by Virginia auto insurance requirements.

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