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    The Facts About Virginia Car Insurance

    Driving without insurance is not only irresponsible; it is illegal in many states. Virginia drivers should realize that insurance coverage is mandatory in their state and proceed accordingly. Driving without coverage leaves drivers open to penalties and civil suits from injured parties if an accident occurs. Just one uninsured collision could ruin a person’s financial future. Driving without insurance is too big of a gamble.

    Virginia has strict standards for minimum coverage, including $20,000 for property damage, $25,000 for bodily injury or death of one person, and $50,000 bodily injury or death of two people or more. Also, insurance must be purchased from a company that is a licensed by Virginia to do business there. Of course, these are minimum standards. Any damages above these amounts will be the responsibility of the driver, meaning purchasing higher limits is advisable in order to protect drivers from financial exposure. Uninsured cars can still be registered with the DMV, but the cost of doing so is $500 each time registration is renewed. This fee is not for insurance and does not provide the driver with any protection or reimbursement if an accident occurs. Driving in Virginia has its responsibilities.

    Who Are the Best Automotive Insurance Providers in Virginia?

    The top Virginia car insurance companies include Progressive, Geico, State Farm, All State, and Nationwide. Each of these companies has a long history of customer service and satisfaction and provides a variety of plans to meet the Virginia driver’s needs.

    • Geico is one of the more recognizable choices, due in part to a successful branding campaign. They largely promote their online service but have added some local agents. However, these are available in larger cities and not in smaller communities.
    • Progressive has recently launched a series of promotions for their bundling discounts and their customized plans based on what the customer can afford to pay. They too are largely known for their internet service but do have agents in both large and small communities.
    • State Farm has long had a local presence in most places, and has built a reputation on longevity and service. They too have a strong online presence and offer such services as a Pocket Agent application.
    • All State offers the same services as most of the other companies but also gives you the option to receive a safe driver check, about 5% of your premium, every six months for claim-free driving.
    • Nationwide, which probably has the catchiest jingle, has staked much of its advertising on the vanishing deductible, promising to lower that amount $100 for each year of safe driving up to $500.

    These companies and more are licensed to do business in the state, and though each has its strong points, the best way to find Virginia auto insurance companies that meet an individual’s coverage and financial needs is to compare them all. This comparison process is simple at Virginiacarinsurancequotes.org. At this site, potential insurance purchasers enter their specific information and get competitive quotes from the top companies, making insurance shopping convenient and economical. Insurance in Virginia is mandatory, so drivers cannot afford to go without protection. Virginiacarinsurancequotes.org can give them the guidance they need to make smart insurance purchases.

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