• Cheap Car Insurance in Virginia Beach, VA

    Would you like to pay less for vehicle insurance? There are plenty of ways to go about it if you really want cheap car insurance in Virginia Beach VA. Our site, Virginiacarinsurancequotes.org, makes a search tool freely available for those who wish to gather quotes relevant to their area. Conducting research online is faster and more convenient compared to the old method of calling or visiting the providers one-by-one. Now it’s just a matter of typing your zip code on a textbox and getting instant results.

    Average Virginia Beach Auto Insurance Quotes — Save Up to $227 Per Year

    Virginia Beach is a beautiful place to live in with miles of gorgeous coastline and a cosmopolitan atmosphere. The good news is that its attractiveness seems to extend to insurance premiums as the average in the city is only $1,325. This is a full 16% below the state average and even lower than the country-wide mean.

    Insurance Factors in Virginia Beach, VA

    Just how low can you go if the base premium is already so near to the ground? Well, that depends on your personal circumstances. If you can show providers that you are a careful driver, then they might slash their rates even more. A good credit score will also make them smile. A few other factors are described here:

    • Location — Virginia Beach is the most populous city in the state. This isn’t surprising given the city’s nature as a tourist haven with stunning scenery and healthy economy. As of 2011, the resident count was at 439,122 — 3.3% higher than the figure back in 2000. The city is extremely large with 248.3 square miles of land so the nearly half a million people who live here don’t find it crowded. Its density of 1,769 people per sq mi bears this out and makes providers content to charge cheap car insurance in Virginia Beach VA.
    • Driving To Work — It must be hard to go to work when you’d rather lie on the beachfront all day, but the folks at Virginia Beach do what they can to earn a living. It takes them an average of 23.9 minutes to arrive at their workplace — fast if you consider how big the city is. Short daily drives are rewarded with low charges, especially if coupled with a complete avoidance of the rush hour madness. The fatal accident count in the city is 6 per 100,000, which is almost at par with the state’s 6.1 per 100,000.
    • Auto Thefts — The 450 cases of car theft in Virginia Beach during 2011 may not seem like a lot, particularly when compared to past years when the count was more than double. But danger lurks everywhere and thieves tend to strike at the most unexpected time so caution is always advised. Use theft deterrents like advanced sensors and locks to frustrate criminals. Not only will you save your property, you will also get discounts from insurance providers.
    • Education — Almost a fifth of Virginia Beach residents have graduated from college — more than the 17.9% rate in the state. Not many people are aware that higher education can lead to insurance discounts.

    Through our tips and tools, you will be able to acquire cheap auto insurance in Virginia Beach VA in no time at all. Take advantage of these free resources to start saving money today.

    And if you live in Norfolk, you’re entitled to save money, too!