• Cheap Car Insurance in Norfolk, VA

    Are you satisfied with your insurance plan? Chances are that you’re paying more than you have to. The good news is that you can reduce your annual payments and acquire cheap car insurance in Norfolk VA in a few simple steps. Start by finding the lowest quotes through our search tool here in Virginiacarinsurancequotes.org. Wherever you are, we’ll look for the prevailing rates in your area so that you can pick and choose right away.

    Average Norfolk Auto Insurance Quotes — Save Up to $253 Per Annum

    The inhabitants of Norfolk can rejoice in the fact that their annual average payment of $1,565 is relatively low compared to their neighbors. Indeed, data shows that it is 1% below the state mean in Virginia and about 2% below the average for the whole US. That said, there are always opportunities for improvement.

    Insurance Factors — A Guide for the Residents of Norfolk, VA

    Premiums are calculated in a complex process that takes multiple factors into account. Anyone who wishes to reduce his payments must show that he is worthy of cheap car insurance in Norfolk VA. That is, he must prove that he is not prone to road hazards and so is not likely to draw funds from the insurance company more than the common folk. A clean driving record would surely back up this claim, as would little things like owning a light-colored car. Other desirable traits are discussed below:

    • Location — The independent city of Norfolk is home to a lively 242,915 inhabitants. That’s a 3.6% increase over the population in 200 and its vibrant city life continues to attract people to settle here. Despite the large number of residents, the city isn’t too crowded. Its 53.7 square miles of land area is large enough to accommodate everyone so far. This is an ideal situation as providers look fondly at cities that aren’t so jam-packed, charging a reasonable amount. A moderate amount of cars on the road means there shouldn’t be as many accidents happening compared to more congested places.
    • Driving To Work — The morning commute is relatively fast here at Norfolk. The city may be wide but the traffic flows smoothly, allowing workers to reach their desks in as little as 21.7 minutes. The lower this can be pushed down, the better off the individual will be in terms of insurance payments. Providers use the principle that the less you drive, the less probability there is of accidents. Skirt around the rush hours, as well, as this will net you an additional discount. In 2009, there were 8.1 fatal accidents per 100,000 in Norfolk, whereas the state had a lower figure of 6.1 per 100,000.
    • Auto Thefts — The peace and order situation in Norfolk has improved immensely over the years. In 2000, there were 1,754 incidents of car theft. In 2011, this has gone down to just 785 cases. This shouldn’t cause owners to lower their guard, of course. The danger remains and making arrangements to beef up security is best for peace of mind. Providers reward those who install anti-theft solutions with sizeable discounts.
    • Education — Another source of discount is a person’s educational attainment. An honor student and college graduates can enjoy rate cuts based on their credentials. That’s great news for at least 11.9% of Norfolk residents.

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