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    Getting the best deals when it comes to affordable Virginia car insurance quotes can be such a complicated task, more so if you fall into the category of high-risk drivers. You are considered to be high-risk if you are a teenage driver, had a DUI violation, or if you have been legally required to reinstate your license with an SR-22 document. Despite the difficulty that comes with getting cheap quotes, there is still hope, as long as you are well-informed and knowledgeable about the law and requirements of your state. Read on to learn how to save on automobile insurance.

    Virginia Car Insurance for Teenagers

    Graduated Driver Licensing or GDL is strongly implemented in almost all states. This set of rules are meant to protect teenage drivers and to keep them safe without compromising the need for proper driving experience. Here is a brief summary of the things you need to know about Virginia’s GDL laws:

    GDL Law Requirements Virginia
    Learner’s permit 15 years and 6 months
    Intermediate license 16 years and 3 months
    Full licensure 18 years
    Mandatory Learner’s Permit Hold 9 months
    Supervised Practice Driving 45 hours; minimum 15 night hours
    Unsupervised Nighttime Driving Ban Yes; driving is prohibited between 12:00AM-4:00AM (intermediate license only)
    Passenger Restrictions Yes; one passenger (below 18) maximum for the first 12 months and three passengers (below 18) maximum for the rest of the intermediate stage
    Cell Phone Use Prohibited for drivers below 18(with the exception of emergencies)
    Texting Prohibited

    DUI Insurance in Virginia

    In the state of Virginia, the first DUI offense could have you face penalties such as 5 days minimum imprisonment if there’s a minor in the car; 5 days in prison if blood alcohol content is within 0.15-0.20% and 10 days for higher blood alcohol content; $250 fine or $500-$1000 more if there’s a minor in the vehicle; license suspension for a year; ignition interlock for 0.15% or more blood alcohol content; and inclusion in an alcohol safety program.

    SR-22 Insurance in Virginia

    Filling up an SR-22 is only required for specific types of motorists. This is one of the requirements in reinstating a suspended driver’s license. Often, those who are required to submit this document are those who lost their driving privileges due to a DUI offense, lack of insurance during a car accident, and/or driving without any document to prove that the driver has insurance. As of this date, Virginia adheres to the need for an SR-22 filing for those who need to reinstate their driver’s license.

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